Since 2011 I have worked in the piano industry, from restoration and rebuilding to field work and piano tuning. Pianos are complex machines that require regular maintenance and service.  With my competitive rates and quality service, I look forward to helping you bring your piano to perfection!  


A bit about myself: while pursuing my philosophy degree from St John's College in Maryland, I knew I needed something to balance such heady intellectual preoccupations and returned to one of my lifelong passions, handcraft.  This manifested in a number of forms: from making clothing and knitting to metal and woodwork and any form of tinkering and experimentation I could get my hands on.  After some time I combined my passion for the piano and handcraft and landed an apprenticeship with a piano rebuilder.  Six years later, piano-work still has me fascinated and dedicated, and I am excited to bring my work to pianos in homes, studios, and venues here in Los Angeles.

A few further qualifications:

I am an Associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

I am a Certified Dampp Chaser Humidity Control System Installer.

In September 2016 I completed the Yamaha Performance Piano Service Seminar.

-Peter White, PianoTechLA

(919) 630-7588

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