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Services Include:


Pitch raise** 



Humidity Control Systems 


*If your piano has drifted significantly from the pitch standard of A440, there is a slight upcharge depending on severity.  I'll be sure to diagnose and discuss this with you on site!

**Sometimes, a piano is so out of tune that it requires two full passes to prevent string breakage and account for the natural stretching of the strings and changes in plate and soundboard compression.  The first pass is known as a pitch raise. 

***Repairs include sticking keys, pedal and trapwork repair, regulation, hammer filing, squeaks and clicks, broken hammer and string replacement, keytop replacement, keybushing replacement, and more.  Feel free to get in touch with questions; with my background in restoration and rebuilding, chances are I can fix it.  


In September 2016 I completed the Yamaha Performance Piano Service Seminar.

I am a Dampp Chaser Humidity Control System Certified installer.

I am an Associate member of the Piano Technician's Guild.